Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am going to the west...- self portrait - just2nite

leave me alone...
I am going
need no language,
no body speaks;
without colours,
no body sees...

what will i be if i stop dancing? - self portrait

i wonder,
never dare to stop my pace,
i dance, always dance...
what will i be,
if i stop, stop dancing,
start accepting i don't like dancing,
start knowing i enjoy being still....

i put nothing down - self portrait - just2nite

have i ever been putting anything down?
you cut me, deeply to my smiles...
i am fine,
as you told me you needed no smiles from me...
you left,
you left with smiles,
that i always liked...
i don't smile,
as i need no showing smiles to anyone...
i am still fine,
but i am still fine...